Winter, 2014

Hello out there!

Tonight is Tuesday, February 25, 2014...

I have been receiving many emails and messages on just what is going on with the guide.  Well, here is the latest directly from me, the author.

  • I have finished editing the West Side and Central Boulderfields.  
  • I have yet to edit the East Side and the Hanging Chain boulder fields   
  • I am currently working on these.  
  • I am working with Dan Brayack from Brayack Media Publishing who is going to publish the next guide.  
  • We currently have 3/4 of the guide in the works and 1/2 of it nearly finished.

It has been a long and arduous process.  I am basically rewriting the whole guide.  Once finished, the guide will almost be completely different in every way.  Only the descriptions of most of the problems will remain the same.  We have taken ALL new photos, All new action photos, ALL updated maps, included almost 150 new boulders, nearly doubled the amount of boulder problems, and the book is going to be about twice as thick!

We are not making any compromises in this guide.  We want the best maps, photos, action photos, and accurate descriptions possible.  It is a very tedious and time consuming job.  This is not to mention all of other life's responsibilities...

So, I know my apologies are wearing a little thin.  I only hope that the wait will be well worth it when you hold it in your hands, see what the problems look like, get excited about highlighting the problems you have sent, and get pumped to get on one of the hundreds of additional problems not in the old guide.

God Bless, Chris


  1. Any idea when the new guide will be available?

    Shamus Gaffney

    1. Production and publishing are on hold at the moment. I will give everyone an update ASAP. For now I know that it will not be available this season (2012 / 2013 Winter Season). My apologies to everyone for the delay.

  2. If you need help with some images, I think I can show you about all you would need to know in a few hours about getting good topo images. email me (stalk me)

  3. Thanks Dan! I may call you up for some tips and tricks.

  4. Any update here? Would love to be able to have the new guidebook for this season.

  5. any word on when the guide is going to be available

  6. Any idea of the release date? It's a year and half since the projected release date.

  7. Hi Chris,

    There's been a new boulder recently developed in upper central, near test pilots area. I was wondering if the problems can still be added to the guidebook. The boulder has several established 3 star problems on it ranging from V4 to V8, and two of the steepest and most obvious v10+ projects I've seen at the bald. If it can still be added let me know. I'd be happy to take pictures of the boulder and point out the various lines. Thanks!


    1. suppose I should have left some contact information! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at